Cuidadanos Europeos (Arboleas) update

Crispin Welby sent me this update on the Cuidadanos Europeos party in Arboleas, a party of locals and expats who are organising in the village:

After our founding meeting on 20 October we have elected a provisional committee, passed Statutes, got our Party recognised in Madrid, have held a second public meeting on 29 November are holding the next one on 22nd. January (3.00pm in the Restaurante Rosaleda, Albox Road, Arboleas if you have time and interest) and an AGM on 29 Jan. to elect a permanent committee -to last 2 years -that is. We have done 4 radio broadcasts ,2 in English, 2 in Spanish.
We have put out a number of leaflets and been engaged on various fora.
The MEMBERS (not some high heid yin)will soon elect the list and the order in it also the content of the manifesto.

Yours sincerely,
Crispin Welby (Provisional President, Ciudadanos Europeos – The Listening Party)

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