itoiletstand for iPads Coming in 2011

The iToiletStand – a special stand upon which you can rest your iPad whilst on the loo – is hitting the stores in the US and Europe shortly. Slightly too late for Chris Marshall’s christmas present, sadly… “Angled Stand or also called by some the itoiletstand is set to launch in 2011 to aid users of ipads, tablets and other electronic devices. The floor stand is patent pending and has an adjustable top and bottom Continue reading itoiletstand for iPads Coming in 2011

Cuidadanos Europeos (Arboleas) update

Crispin Welby sent me this update on the Cuidadanos Europeos party in Arboleas, a party of locals and expats who are organising in the village: After our founding meeting on 20 October we have elected a provisional committee, passed Statutes, got our Party recognised in Madrid, have held a second public meeting on 29 November are holding the next one on 22nd. January (3.00pm in the Restaurante Rosaleda, Albox Road, Arboleas if you have time Continue reading Cuidadanos Europeos (Arboleas) update