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I am not sure if you are aware of the change recently taken place with issue of Medical Prescriptions in this area?

Until last month I was quite happy to see my GP on a regular basis to get a monthly prescription for the 7 medications that I require. (I am nearly 78 years of age and not in the best of health).

On my visit in October I was given a prescription for all 7 medications valid until April 2011.

My first thought was ‘great, only a trip to the doctor every 6 months’ – wrong it is a nightmare?

All the medications come in different quantities, ie some are 28 in a packet, some 30, some 50, some 56 and some 60, plus a 3 times a day injection which does not fit in any of these criteria.

The problem is that you can only reorder a specific medication when the number of medications in a packet has run out. If you do not do this within 4 days of each date the prescription is lost? Last week I submitted a request for all 7 of my medications and received only one!!!!

I have had to now create a chart with the dates each medication is due for renewal and I then have 4 days of each date to request that particular medication.

I am sure that some of your readers, on several medications, will not be aware of this latest nightmare. I have nothing but respect and  admiration for the Spanish Medical System but someone has got this one seriously wrong.

John R Patrick.

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  1. This system has been running in Carboneras for some time and will apply across Andalucia.

    There is a net benefit in that it reduces the need for visits to the doctor. Yes, you have to manage your medication and we use our e-mail agenda to remind us.

    I don’t understand the loss in 4 days. If you are away for a period you can miss a renewal but our experience is 4 weeks! Also your doctor will still give a prescription to cover an absence period.

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