The Almeria Freshwater Factory Skyscraper

Charles Butler of Ibexsalad sent me a link to this fascinating design project: The Freshwater Factory or Evolo is a water-generating skyscraper in Almeria, located along the Mediterranean coast in the south-eastern region of Spain. The Freshwater tower is assembled from bubble-shaped structures designed to desalinate the brackish water from the Mediterranean Sea into freshwater.

Expat bingo

Expats along the costas love bingo. No, I’m not kidding. Bingo along the coast is a huge, multi million euro business that is completely beneath the Spanish Authorities radar, and remains that way for as long as no Spaniard ventures into the expat bar with his or her five euro stake. But we’re not talking about quiet, sanitised bingo in large bingo halls, with comfy seats and a nice banker on hand if you win Continue reading Expat bingo

Turre election talk

Me old mate Martin sent me this through and asked me to remind everyone that unless they register to vote by the 15th you can’t. Worth a visit if you’re interested, as Martin will be able to explain (in English) exactly what you need to do to vote in May. Remember: IU is likely to get over 7% of the vote in the May elections, and those corrupt PSOE b******s are likely to be shown Continue reading Turre election talk