Three kings in Los Gallardos

Three kings in Los Gallardos today! Much the best one in the area for the 6th.

No camels this year due to budget cutbacks. Instead, we got a mini petting farm with geese, a large turkey, several donkeys and what appeared to be a dead rabbit, although the gf swore she saw it blink.

No idea what that animal is that the chap is holding, it’s some sort of south American animal. Cute little blighter. There was a whole zoo you could go around for just 1 euro – mainly owls and snakes.

The parade started directly on Los Gallardos time, ie, 45 minutes late, but a fun time was had by all.

See the photos:

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  1. Excellent. Brownie points to Lenox for his knowledge of small furry rodents (I’m told he has experience of dealing with rodents, especially the big 5,2 footers?)

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