(Ex) deacon of law at Almeria Uni up in court for building an illegal house

The (now ex) deacon of Law at Almeria University, Ramón Herrera, has been up in front of the beak for building an illegal house in Paterna del Rio. The (now ex) mayor of Paterna del Rio, Antonio Serrano, shared the cuffs alongside with him. Ramón’s joke that he was unsure of the legal requirements for building a house failed to cause any laughter in court.

Seems Ramon, in 2005, built a nice house (256 m2) on a family plot of land on the outskirts of Paterna del Rio. In 2007, Seprona, as quick on the uptake as you can expect from the Guardia Civil, spotted the house and denounced him. The Mayor looked the other way when someone asked if the Professor had a license, and so was up in court with his mate.

It has been noted by the Court that the home was built on a site of Special Scientific Interest without any archeological surveys being carried out to see if there was anything interesting there (seems a dig on the plot next door unearthed some remains).

A fine, demolition and six months ban from holding public office is requested by the Public Prosecutor.

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