1,500 home urbanisation approved for Garrucha

Miguel Vivancos – a well known Murcian promoter known as “the king of tin” after his earlier business successes in Murcia making tins for canned goods – has received permission to start building 1,500 homes, a 2,600 space car park and a commercial zone on the outskirts of Garrucha.

The urbanisation will go on your left as you leave Garrucha towards Las Bouganvillas roundabout, where years ago there was a go-karts and before that, a popular disco. No news on when the ground will be broken.

Behind this is where a huge commercial centres and XXX number of homes will be built – it is rumoured that Alcampo has signed a secret deal to install itself in the eventual commercial centre, promoted by Miguel Rios. This project is on hold, partly due to the economic crisis, partly because (thanks in no little part to my own efforts) the illegal electric line built to service it is still tied up in the courts. Still in the TSJA in Granada, in case you’re interested (you’re not, I know).

Vivancos, who operates from a company called Hispavima was, it seems, the first chap in Spain to build a completly automated tinning process for drinks and food, and made a fortune in the early 70’s.

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  1. I and my neighbours are very interested in anything to do with the illegal electricity pylons and cables as they are hanging over our land and crackling away. We also have to put up with the mud and mess of the AVE contruction with no-one caring how we access the caminos when the lorries have buggered them up!!!

    Where do the authorities think all the shoppers and property buyers are going to come from once all this building is completed? Are they just going to start a project, ruin the landscape and leave it half finished and empty as is usual around here????

    Sorry to rant but the powers that be make me so angry

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