Watch it at the Turre new bridge

Careful coming over the Turre new bridge, next to the entrance / exit to the fire station.

The speed limit there, for about 75 meters, drops from 100kph to 50kph before going back up to 80kph as you reach the bridge (coming from the main road into Turre). I assume the reason is because of the fire station exit, although it’s not signposted.

And the Guardia have discovered that it’s easy money to just sit there, and fine you €300 for not spotting the small 50 sign.

Four people (that I know of) were caught in a single morning the other day, and this morning they were there again, two cop cars and a van, and a large number of irate motorists forking out the cash.

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  1. Nice to see this highlighted! The whole signage in that area confuses me, as an 80 sign follows the turre town limit sign, which should mean its 50 all the way.

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