Bloody good idea by shops in Almería city

The Asociación de comercios del Casco Histórico del Almería, an association of shops in the centre of the city, has had a damned good idea to get people out and about and spending cash in the city.

They’ve negotiated some very cheap rents on a couple of empty shops in the centre – by their own admission, there are enough empty locales going around – and are setting them up as outlet stores.

All members of the association can send their outlet or shopworn goods there to be sold at a discount, with the cash (less running costs) being returned. The association aims to open several shops, with about three stores being represented in every one.

The idea is to fill up some of the empty shops, open new shops, and give existing shops a new way to shift older stock without too much new competition. Thus giving the area a commercial boost.

The idea was born out of a street market they setup in June called “de ocasión” which was basically the same thing, but only for a couple of weeks. It had so much success that the association decided to expand the scheme.

The first shop is now open, in c/ Las Tiendas 24, open Mond-Sat all day.

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