Paypal iphone app “open to all”

Paypal, the online payments website which is, quite frankly, the worst false bank ripoff you’ll find for a while, has released an iphone app that doesn’t bother to check what’s going on with your cash – meaning hackers could easily empty your account, were you foolish enough to let these con artists within a mile of your money. Here’s the scoop: Paypal is scrambling to fix a serious vulnerability in its Iphone application that could Continue reading Paypal iphone app “open to all”

Bloody good idea by shops in Almería city

The Asociación de comercios del Casco Histórico del Almería, an association of shops in the centre of the city, has had a damned good idea to get people out and about and spending cash in the city. They’ve negotiated some very cheap rents on a couple of empty shops in the centre – by their own admission, there are enough empty locales going around – and are setting them up as outlet stores. All members Continue reading Bloody good idea by shops in Almería city

Lots of earthquakes recently

The province of Almeria has seenin the last week twenty-seven small earthquakes of between 1.5 and 4.1 magnitude on the Richter scale, most centered around the capital and Western Almeria. The last of these earthquakes, with a magnitude of 2.4 degrees was recorded on Monday in the town of La Mojonera, about twenty kilometers from the capital, and has been slightly felt in the epicentral area. Last Thursday saw the most intense earthquakes with magnitude Continue reading Lots of earthquakes recently