Nijar farmer killed whilst watching his greenhouses

A well known Níjar farmer was killed two nights ago whilst standing guard on his greenhouses.

It seems that he had been suffering some robberies of electrical cable, pumps, etc from the farm so he had been standing watch to try to catch whoever was doing it.

A worker turning up for work yesterday morning found the body of his boss lying on the ground next to his vehicle. Police say he was smashed in the head with a blunt instrument and left to die on the ground.

As news of his death spread, over 200 farmers and family congregated in front of San Isidrio town hall yesterday midday to demand greater security around the farms in the area. They say that an attack was inevitable, and that they are being forced to take the law into their own hands to protect their properties as police seem unable to prevent outright theft across the farmlands.

Last year I remember that the GC had some mounted units patrolling greenhouses, but it seems these were pulled due to budget restrictions.

Police say they are investigating and have urged local farmers to remain calm and not do anything drastic.

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