Vera – Cartagena toll road in financial difficulties

Rumours abound that Aucosta, the company that has the lease to operate the Vera – Cartagena toll road, is losing so much money on it that it’s about to return the road, and the associated debts, back to the State.

Aucosta projected that to break even, it needed 7,000 users a day on the road, and hoped for an average of about 10,000 on its business plan.

It’s had an average, so far this year, of about 2,000 users a day.

It’s also pigging expensive, which is another reason people don’t like it.

There are about 10 toll roads that are losing money hand over fist, mainly participated in by the same group of banks, cajas and building companies – the total debt, which is underwritten by the State, is some 3,500 million euros. If the consortiums don’t get more traffic / more cash from the State, the government could find itself with a nasty loan being returned.

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