Six million fuel oil fraud ring broken up in Cantoria

Having evaded the ever vigilant eyes of Hobday’s Cantoria Neighbourhood Watch Association, a group of local lads in Cantoria have been charged with adulterating diesel with corn oil before flogging it off to transport companies and local petrol stations.

They made about six million euros, Hacienda reckons.

See Petrol scam found in Cantoria Almeria

“The operation, codenamed ‘Oil’,” – these coppers do think of some innovative codenames for their operations. Remember Operación “Costurero” (Operation Sewing), when Zurgena’s mayor and all his little lads were arrested for urban corruption, so called because the second in command of the Zurgena townhall was called “Tijeras” (Scissors)? The Almería GC station must be a wild place on Friday nights, with all these witty fun loving coppers up there…

More seriously, last year a warning was put out that petrol stations in the Almería region had been selling adulterated diesel after mechanics noted a large number of new cars coming back in with engine problems. Found the original story here:

No idea if there’s a connection, but it seems fishy…

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