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Remember,  “No Vote, No Voice”
AUAN has been in contact with officials at the censo electoral and can confirm that on the 6th of October some 20,000 letters were sent to EU residents in Almeria attaching a Voter Registration Form (DFA-1) so that they can register to vote in the forthcoming local elections.
The form has been sent to persons not registered to vote in the local elections, but who are resident in Spain. (Those already on the voting register will not receive the letter).
The letters will be sent to the address listed on your Padron. 
Persons receiving such a letter may:
1. Register to vote by post: Fill in the form in, sign and date it and send it to:
 Delegacion Provincial de Almeria del Censo Electoral
             Plaza de San Pedro, 8 – 04001
This form will have the persons padron details pre-inserted.
A stamp is apparently not needed.
2. Register to vote via the internet: Using the NIE number of the potential voter and a password or  “clave de tramitación telematica” or “CTT” sent to the recipient with the form and the web address for registration.
It is anticipated that many EU citizens living in illegal homes will fail to receive thier letter because they are unable to record a valid postal address on their Padron. But, all is not lost. Anyone failing to receive their letter can register to vote via their town hall.

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