AUAN reminds us all to vote

From the AUAN> Remember,  “No Vote, No Voice”   AUAN has been in contact with officials at the censo electoral and can confirm that on the 6th of October some 20,000 letters were sent to EU residents in Almeria attaching a Voter Registration Form (DFA-1) so that they can register to vote in the forthcoming local elections.    The form has been sent to persons not registered to vote in the local elections, but who Continue reading AUAN reminds us all to vote

A lovely spider

Found a new friend this morning. The size of its’ body, to put it in reference, would be about the size of two euro coin. No idea if it’s vicious, but the gardener who found it refused to let it bite him, although it was giving it a good go through his (very big) glove. Any idea what it is? It’s in a field next door, if anyone wants to identify it.