No new hospital for Albox

The hopes of Albox for having its new hospital built seem further away than ever.

The hospital, announced in 2007, is still in the “preliminary planning” stages, and the Junta de Andalucia has now confirmed that not  even the exact location is confirmed, and that the project is not a priority for the Junta.

It will be allowing other local towns to put forwards planning applications for the county hospital in order to judge the suitablity of different locations.

When announced in 2007, the mayor had given a date of late 2010 for when the first building works were supposed to have commenced.

He said today that this appears to be a stalling move by the Junta, and that he was disappointed.

The Junta said, according to La Voz, that although it is not a priority, it is planned and they hope to announce more details on the project once it is decided where to put it.

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