Cuidadanos Europeos moves into Arboleas

Lenox reports from -he’s far more into local politics than I am, so I suggest you keep up to date via him- that Crispin Welby has setup a new branch of Cuidadanos Europeos in Arboleas.

Crispin announced his intention to setup a party on my site here: Fresh new political party in Arboleas.

Damn good idea. A national party, focused on immigrants resident in Spain and who want to participate in their villages, with a national structure and absolutly no local power struggles, past problems or local family issues. A clean slate for a new start, exactly as I predicted before and said was necessary.

Makes so much more sense than voting for an ex-mayor who’s lost his control on the party and is having to stand again under a left wing nationalist banner (PSA) aided by a Brit who’s had a fight with the current administration.

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