Almería lurches to the right

The latest polls have given the leftwing (in power) PSOE party a hammering in Almería, with their % of the vote dropping to the mid 40’s, the lowest ever, as voters turn towards the opposition rightwing PP party. If elections for the Junta were held this week, the PP could expect to win double the number of seats as the PSOE (8 vs 4 for Almería).

This is part of an overall trend that gave, earlier this year, the PP party their first whiff of victory in Andalucia. The PSOE have ruled here with an iron fist since democracy, and people are souring them.

However, Almería is at the forefront of the swing away from the socialists.

We’ve always been a bit rightwing out here in the East; Almería always resented being lumped into part of Andalucia despite having voted against the idea in the 70’s. And the Levante has far more in common with the paella eating, sound minded sturdy farmers of Murcia than the flamenco dancing, coiffered dandies of Seville.

The fact that Almeria is about six hours away from Seville doesn’t help matters, either. That’s like saying Glasgow is similar to London.

The PSOE’s reaction to the poll? “Not even Arenas [head of the Andalucia PP] believes it” sniffed a spokesperson.

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