Junta blows 800,000€ on Almeria catamaran race

After being asked at least three times at a press conference, the regional director of the Junta’s tourism department eventually admitted how much the Junta is to spend on the 2010 Almeria catamaran races.

Despite having billed this as an event “similar to the 2005 Med games”, the Junta’s own figures estimate that only about 15,000 people will take part in the race events: fewer than an average Almeria FC football game.

A series of guided tours and special events are being laid on to regatta participants – entry is free to them. All residents of Almeria city are allowed to participate for free, but must jump through a series of hoops to get in (booking in advance, awaiting confirmation, proving they live in the city, etc).

The only events with no access control will be a series of events organised by the Almeria Youth Institute which aims to explain the concept of regattas to the youth of the city – they have been allocated just under 10,000€ for this.

Austerity, eh?


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