Idiot of the week

I was just watching “España Directo” and they were interviewing the director of a cemetery in Castellon. It seems someone has been breaking in at night to do a bit of graverobbing, Happened a few times over the last few days. The reporter was interviewing grieving relatives who were putting the remains of their ancestors back in the niches, etc. Anyway, when asked about this, the director gave a long rambling explanation about people breaking Continue reading Idiot of the week

Junta blows 800,000€ on Almeria catamaran race

After being asked at least three times at a press conference, the regional director of the Junta’s tourism department eventually admitted how much the Junta is to spend on the 2010 Almeria catamaran races. Despite having billed this as an event “similar to the 2005 Med games”, the Junta’s own figures estimate that only about 15,000 people will take part in the race events: fewer than an average Almeria FC football game. A series of Continue reading Junta blows 800,000€ on Almeria catamaran race

Unwanted spam from auto benalbox via forum

It appears that, a local forum, has allowed a local advertiser to send unwanted spam emails using information harvested from their site. Or, at least, companies such as Autobenalbox, some chap who sells second hand cars in Albox and who advertises on that forum, have had access to their private forum members details to send them intrusive emails.Would you buy a second hand car off someone with that sort of business practice? Easy enough Continue reading Unwanted spam from auto benalbox via forum