Turre to get a paintball park

A chappie called Manuel Rivas Herrador has applied for permission to build an “adventure park” in Turre.

The central attraction is to be a paintball park where teams can fight it out, but other attractions at the park will be an archery range, a bar and cafeteria, diverse table games and the like. The idea is for it to be a fun family or friends day out in Turre, in the fresh air.

It’s to be built on the outskirts of Turre ficticious “industrial park”, in El Morrongo del Poligono 1. The application is in the townhall, and you have 20 days to say if you don’t like the idea.

Vera used to have a paintball, but I think it died a quiet death. It’s one of those things that seems like a good idea, but how many times a year does the average person want to go paintballing?

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  1. “how many times a year does the average person want to go paintballing?”

    Funny you should ask that. I play a game called airsoft which is very similar to paintball and when I am back in Ireland I go religiously every week. And I know paintball attracts the same kind of devotion. Once you get in to it – not only is it a load of fun, but it is a fantastic way to exercise without any possibility of getting bored, and it is a great way to socialise – have a chat with someone – shoot them in the behind – then maybe go for a drink…

  2. Frankly, I hope it takes off, it sounds like good fun, but I can’t see myself being into it every week…. maybe the beers & tapas post-war cooloff….

  3. My family and I have spent many holidays in Mojacar and would particularly like to go paintballing when we visit next spring. Unfortunately I can’t think where El Morrongo del Poligono 1 is. I know ,for example, where the ”Go-Kart” track is on the Garrucha / Turre road so can you please give directions from there ?

    We think an ”Adventure Park” will be great for the area, and look forward to going in 2011.

  4. You may, possibly, be slightly optimistic in expecting this to be open next spring!
    Still, if anything happens, I shall make sure I update the blog.
    Roughly, it’s the area in front of Agua Nueva and the fire station, which was zoned years ago as a “poligono industrial”, although nothing ever happened. Not sure how they plan to fit it in with the new zoning plan “Potala”, tho’

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