Spain to allow long term leave for parents of sick children

A draft law is to go before Congress which aims to allow the parents of very sick children to take indefinate absence of leave from their jobs. The law, as drafted, means that if both of the parents of the child work, one is allowed to ask for indefinate leave until the child is cured, and must be readmitted upon the child’s cure. Basic salary and social security payments must be paid during this leave.

ZP says house prices can only go up

ZP, aka “Mr Optimistic”, has told CNBC (the US business channel) that house prices in Spain have reached rock bottom and can only go up. He added that he has managed to change the international perception of Spain’s debt and that this mean Spain’s economy can only grow from now on. “The international markets had an exaggerated pessimistic view of our national debt” he told CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, “but we have changed their perception and Continue reading ZP says house prices can only go up

Brits will decide who is new mayor in many towns

ElAlmeria, the local newspaper, has an interesting article about how in many towns of the Almanzora, the British vote will be decisive in deciding who becomes the new mayor in the local elections, now just 8 months away. In Arboleas, 64% of the vote belongs to expats (the highest of any town in Spain, I’m told); in Zurgena 38%, in Partaloa 59%. Many other villages are in the same situation. The paper warns that the Continue reading Brits will decide who is new mayor in many towns


In case anyone is wondering about using Paypal / Ebay in Spain, they make the Spanish administration look upright and honest. A law unto themselves. Albeit bitterly, I shall say no more. Also, stay away from the butchers “Carniceria Jesus Domingo” in Plaza Jarama nº 8, Galapagar (Madrid), because if they do sausages like they do business, you’ll be dead before the second bite.

Cuevas townhall tries to take control of Desert Springs

Exciting news from Cuevas del Almanzora, whose Mayor has just confirmed that he is intending to launch a legal battle to take control of the La Algarrobina estate, on which local golf resort Desert Springs was built, after local reporters uncovered evidence that Desert Springs was mis sold the land. Excellent reporting from local newspaper Actualidad Almanzora. Basically, and remember that this is an extremely complex problem, the situation is as thus: In red: Aprox Continue reading Cuevas townhall tries to take control of Desert Springs

Mojacar cooking school on strike – kitchen not provided

I am informed by someone who joined Mojácar’s cooking school this month -the new school season starts in September – that the famous cooking school no longer has a kitchen. It was removed due to unspecified “reforms” by the townhall. Therefore, for this year, students are being taught by cookbooks. Actually touching food is not part of this years curriculum. No kitchen is due to be installed until at least late 2011, due to budget Continue reading Mojacar cooking school on strike – kitchen not provided

BBC subtitles

I can’t believe I’m the only person to notice that the subtitles on the BBC are atrocious. I’ve recently been using them more often, in order not to aggravate the GF when she’s on the phone or studying; when she’s out watching UK tv, she likes to have them on to help her with her English. Sadly, they’re full of inaccuracies, spelling mistakes and generally just miss the point completely. When transcribing numbers, the typers Continue reading BBC subtitles

Zurgena anti-cloud seeding organisation keeps growing

News reaches me of a local organisation called AVIAL, based in Zurgena. (Asociacion en defensa de la salud y el medio ambiente y contra sistemas anti-lluvias en Almeria). A good job they decided to abbreviate their name…. The point of the organisation is to mount a neighbourhood defense against the practice of agricultural cloud seeding, where insurance companies and agricultural cooperatives pay for planes to “seed” clouds with silver particles, which makes the clouds precipitate Continue reading Zurgena anti-cloud seeding organisation keeps growing

John Freeborn passes away

John Freeborn, a man resident for many years during the 80’s and 90’s in Cortijo Grande with his wife Peta has passed away at the age of 90 back in the UK, and has been graced with obituaries in The Times and The Telegraph. Obiturary of Wing Commander John Freeborn ( Obiturary of Wing Commander John Freeborn ( Although we knew that he had been a high ranking commander in the RAF, I was unaware Continue reading John Freeborn passes away

AUAN call expats to voting booth for 2011

Good advice from the AUAN who are starting a campaign to get expats ready to vote in the 2011 elections (rest of this article is theirs): Expat organisations in the Almanzora Valley have collaborated to produce a leaflet encouraging EU citizens to register to vote in the forthcoming local elections. The elections will take place in May 2011. The theme is NO VOTE/ NO VOICE. The latest population statistics (based on Padrón registration at end Continue reading AUAN call expats to voting booth for 2011