1,000 notches on my blog

This is my 1,000th post on my blog. Wow.

Those 1,000 posts have generated:

  • 4 writs (two sent via post; I employ good lawyers!)
  • Quite a few death threats, most from the Galician National Front
  • And quite a few decent chats over a beer

Here’s to the next thousand!

3 Replies to “1,000 notches on my blog”

  1. Congrats, David. But I feel bad that I haven’t had any death threats from the Galician Nationalist Block(the BNG). Or even from extremists who don’t fit within even this broadest of churches.

  2. That, Colin, is because you’re a wise and diplomatic old owl who knows better than to make sprouting generalisations about an entirely made up culture* 🙂


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