Brits will decide who is new mayor in many towns

ElAlmeria, the local newspaper, has an interesting article about how in many towns of the Almanzora, the British vote will be decisive in deciding who becomes the new mayor in the local elections, now just 8 months away.

In Arboleas, 64% of the vote belongs to expats (the highest of any town in Spain, I’m told); in Zurgena 38%, in Partaloa 59%. Many other villages are in the same situation.

The paper warns that the British expat is unlikely to vote in the same way as a local; differrent priorities, such as the urban abuse scandal, and bad infrastucture, will be higher on their list of priorities than family connections or party loyalty.

Articles such as this, which seems to have been prompted by a recent AUAN press release, are, behind the scenes, causing a number of power brokers to reflect upon the situation….

El Almeria.

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