Murcia Paramount Theme park “great news” for Mojacar and region

Politicians and hoteliers in the Mojacar region are enthusiastic about the proposed new Paramount theme park that the film company and Region of Murcia have confirmed will be built soon in Murcia.

Paramount has confirmed that it is planning to spend, together with the Region of Murcia and several other investors, around 2,000 million euros in developing a 60 ha theme park in Murcia. Although the exact location has yet to confirmed, it is expected to be built near Lorca, due to the proximity of the new AVE station, and good road links.

This means that Vera will have a good link to the theme park, hopefully attracting more tourists to the area who don’t actually want to spend all of their holiday in the industrial wasteland of Lorca. Vera’s beaches, Lorca’s theme park – 20 minutes by AVE!

Murcia says that some 20,000 jobs will be created by the theme park, and expects an additional 15,000 hotel places to be built over the next decade to serve the park.

La Voz, in what appears to be a serious editorial, reminds us that in the 80’s Disney sent scouts out to the province to examine it’s suitability for the construction of EuroDisney, but that the region “was unable to compete with the infrastructure and services provided by Paris” and so lost out. Well, quite. Tabernas in the 80’s versus Paris – I know which one I’d have plumped for.

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  1. Polaris World’s Condado de Alhama has been identified as the location for the theme park. Polaris had to sell land to a consortium of banks to stave off bankruptcy and phase ll of Condado de Alhama is now to be the site for the theme park. Not exactly an ‘industrial wasteland’ but a vast expanse of rezoned farmland 15 minutes from Puerto Mazarron. 20 minutes from the new Corvera airport, 15-20 minutes from many beaches and 1 hour from Murcia, new road and rail links make it an ideal location. Thay now have a year to pull the deal together.

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