Mojácar hotels were at 100% this summer

INE, the stats people, say that Mojácar was at 100% capacity this August, with almost every single hotel fully booked, and July was over 80%.

Breaking down these stats, we see that 81,54% of all visitors to Mojácar this August were Spanish – 26,84% from Madrid, and a further 12,72% from Valencia.

Just 18,46% of all visitors were from the EU, of which half were from the UK. In real numbers, that means 2,577 tourists arrived from the EU, and 9,599 holidaymakers in all rolled up.

The stats people were somewhat vague about the exact makeup of the visitor : people were aged between 25 and 50, either single or married, and with an average of 2 kids, if they had any.

Strangely enough, the Mojácar tourist office says they had 13,662 enquiries in August, so either people were getting lost a lot or my numbers don’t add up. Hey, it’s lunchtime.

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