Almería’s new park opens

Almería officially opened it’s new park, the Parque del Andarax, earlier this month, and it appears to be lovely.

Some 77 ha of space have been converted into a “green lung” for the city, with two artificial lakes, exercise grounds for old and young, 8 km of bike lanes, sports installations, 16,000 trees and 21,000 shrubs.

There is also a large space in the middle which has been designed for expos, concerts or other public gatherings. Apparantly Griñán came to town to open it, but I missed that.

It’s in the heart of the city, on former wasteground by the Andarax river, and is part of a major urban restructuring going on there.

Almería is a surprising city in that it’s much nicer than you think it’s going to be, in contrast with most of Andalucía’s cities, which look lovely from afar but once you get inside are crime ridden, graffiti sprayed over priced tourist traps. Driving into Almería you feel slightly depressed at the sight of it, and may even think about locking the doors, but once you’re in it, people are lovely, it’s generally clean and well kept, and full of surprising little corners to enchant and keep the aimless wanderer happy.

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