Report from the Mojacar ballet

Roving Reporter Hudson Stubbs has reported back from the recent Mojácar ballet – the Gran Ballet Las Cuentas – which he attended over the weekend:

I attended this my first Mojacan cultural experience yesterday evening (Saturday 4th) at the Multi use wotsit centre.

The ticket said 9 – the poster 9.30 nice and perplexing for all and sundry. My Spanish suggests a programme of the great ballet stories and that’s what we got.

I recognised Nutcracker, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Spartacus and some more modern Russian bits. I confess to a passing knowledge of really topnotch stuff from The Royal Ballet and clearly this was not at those levels but it was fun and much enjoyed by a mixed audience of Spanish/English, men/women/the inevitable ‘queens’/ and children!

A couple of more serious criticisms – you could not see the lower half of the dancers feet from row 5, quite important in a classical ballet performance and more seriously not a scrap of info on the company or the performances!

However, overall good enough to tempt me back in the future!!

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