Macael mayor denounced for stealing street lights

The opposition PP party in the marble town of Macael have denounced the PSOE mayor in the courts for stealing “up to” 12 street lights.

The denuncia says that a government grant was given to the town earlier this year in order to improve street lighting in a part of the town. The project, as approved and paid for by the Diputación, was for 32 street lights.

However, a cunning councillor counted the lights after works were completed and discovered that only 20 were actually put in. Mayor Juan Pastor, when questioned by the opposition, was vague as to the difference; he later told a La Voz reporter that they were probably “in a warehouse somewhere” but that he hadn’t personally checked or counted them. He was unable to explain why these lights were not installed along with the others.

His vagueness was probably due to it being August: with everywhere shut, he couldn’t run out and buy a dozen street lights to stick in a warehouse. Ah hem.

The denuncia has asked for a formal police investigation to be opened up into the matter, saying that a possible illicit act has been carried out, to the detriment of the towns coffers. A spokesperson for the PP also pointed out that due to budget shortfalls townhall workers were constantly being paid late.

I leave you to draw your own conclusions. As corruption cases go, it’s not the biggest we’ve seen this year, but it’s nice to see someone doing something about it. Must be a sign of the economic times – Enciso stole 150 million, Pastor a dozen street lights.

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