Sol Times catch fire

It seems that the truck carrying this weeks “Sol Times” caught fire on transit and so all copies were burnt to a crisp, so we won’t get any this week. (not that we ever do, of course, in this neck of the woods).

Rumours that a rival organisation flipped a match into the back of the truck whilst driving along the motorway are, I assume, unfounded but fun to imagine.

4 Replies to “Sol Times catch fire”

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  2. Hmmm … a disappointingly bitchy posting David – I am aware that Sol Times is distributed throughout the Mojacar/Turre/LG area – my partner helps to deliver it! And this week’s is already out just a day late despite the fire.

  3. Surprisingly enough, the day after my little whinge, for the first time in ages, we were knee deep in Sol Times, which made a change. The power of the net, eh?

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