Cortijo Grande gossip

From a reader: Hi David! Love your site and all your reviews/gossip etc! We are coming back to Cortijo Grande in a couple of weeks and you seem to know everything about the area/where to eat etc so I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me? I heard a rumour that Los Limoneros had closed down? Is that true? Is Finca Listonero re-opened for the evenings yet? Is it still a Continue reading Cortijo Grande gossip

El Ejido fire continues out of control

The fire at the waste recycling plant at El Ejido continues, and firemen say that the fire is expected to burn until tomorrow evening. The fire started two days ago when a huge mountain of waste caught fire, and firemen have been unable to put it out so far. A helicopter and two fire teams have been damping down the area around the fire. Firemen explained that due to the immense heat inside the mountain Continue reading El Ejido fire continues out of control

Chap in Pulpí steals a bus

It was always doomed to failure. A chap in Pulpí thought it would be great fun to steal a bus, but sadly lost control and drove into an apartment block. It seems that at 6,30 this AM, someone hotwired the bus from where it was parked outside the DIA supermarket, and tried to drive it through town. Problem was, there was no way it could fit through the narrow streets the thief was trying to Continue reading Chap in Pulpí steals a bus

How to get off telemarketers lists

What prompted this little rant was after Telefonica’s telemarketers rang me no fewer than 30 times in two days. When they rang me at 10pm on a Friday night, I snapped and called back. I am now on their “do not call” list. Want to find out how I did it? Two steps: First, ring back the company that’s calling you, on the number they called you. 

What to do if the strike cancels your flight

Bearing in mind that the air traffic controllers are threatening to go on strike this month if they don’t continue to get their 200,000€ (plus bonus and overtime) a year, and as I’m flying, I thought I’d better double check my legal rights in case of cancellation due to strikes. My flight is cancelled I am entitled to a full refund, or a free change of flight. If I am stuck at an airport which Continue reading What to do if the strike cancels your flight

Over 100 illegal immigrants caught in 48 hours

Calm seas and good weather are being blamed for a sudden surge in pateras – rafts or boats in which mainly African immigrants attempt to illegally cross the sea and enter Spain. Over 100 people aboard different boats have been rescued in the last 48 hours, mainly off the coast of Almería. The Guardia Civil have such a strong radar and visual control of the coast now that it’s supposed extremely difficult to cross, which Continue reading Over 100 illegal immigrants caught in 48 hours

Creamfields confirms lineup

Creamfields, southern Spain’s most important techno / dance music festival, has confirmed the final lineup of acts which will take place over next weekend (14/15 August). 32 major and minor international acts will take part. This important dance festival takes place in Guardias Viejas, the huge beach under the castle at El Ejido. Just down the road from Chris Marshalls place (his penthouse has a great view of it if you want to rent it Continue reading Creamfields confirms lineup

State investment drops by 75% in province

After having spent a delightful 20 minutes reading the National Archives UFO files (and buying Dr Clarks book, I hope it’s good) I came across this undereported gem of a report from Cajamar, which estimates that state infrastructure projects in the province have dropped by 75% so far this year. The report has been snapped up by Miguel Uribe, head of the Almeria Business Association Asempal. Uribe has thrown the party line aside, and is Continue reading State investment drops by 75% in province

UK releases UFO archives

The UK government has released a load of files relating to UFO investigations over the last 50 years. Riveting stuff. It’s all free to browse for a  month, then I assume you must pay, what with the UK being bankrupt and all. Skip all the nonsense photocopies (with many big black marks all over them saying “CLASSIFIED”) and skip straight to Dr Clarke’s interesting overviews and pointers. Or buy his book from Amazon. The Continue reading UK releases UFO archives