Griñán: 2011 budget “very restricted”

President Griñán of Andalucía has warned that due to falling tax revenues, the 2011 budget of Andalucía will be “not happy, and extremely restrictive”. He said that certain ministries must expect “sweeping” budget cuts.

He made the comments in a press meeting today after leaving a government meeting which was discussing the 2011 budget.

However, he has promised to maintain the programme of “social inclusion” – ie, enourmous handouts to people who don’t want to / can’t find work: we know the programme is working fine, because Andalucia has one of the highest unemployment rates in the whole of the EU- and has promised a vague programme called “sustainable Andalucia” which is supposed to involve 3,000 million euros worth of investment over the next 5 years.

He has -no doubt remembering that the unions are planning to strike on the 29th of Sept- said that he is not expecting any staff cuts in any government organisation. He also ruled out any regional elections before 2012, “come what may with the national elections”.

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