What went wrong with the weather?

I turned up at Murcia yesterday PM after a pleasent few days in the Cotswolds. Nice weather over there.

Within a hour of turning up, I was sheltering under a bus stop on Garrucha’s paseo from this (click for bigger):

Hail and a cloudburst. The paseo’s market stallholders were not pleased

Nor were drivers passing by

Local kids ignored the cold (remember, it was hailing!) and enjoyed the puddles

And passers by took refuge in local shops, causing this shop owner to iratly lock the doors to prevent anyone else from getting in

Spanish bus stops, by the way, are designed to keep the sun off you, not the rain. The GF enjoyed herself, but that’s because she’s small and I was standing over her acting as an umbrella. I went back and sat in a tumble dryer to dry off. Some rather nice wine helped to warm up the insides, and I was soon back to my sunny self.

Mind you, about 10pm the rain started again and we had about an hour and a half of really torrential rain. Terrible. Should have stayed in the English sun. It was the start of Garrucha fiesta, but the rain didn’t seem to stop people – we heard the fireworks at about 3am. Or as the GF drily said: “Probably bought them inside the dry off and forget they were next to the fire”.

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