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From a reader:

Hi David! Love your site and all your reviews/gossip etc! We are coming back to Cortijo Grande in a couple of weeks and you seem to know everything about the area/where to eat etc so I was hoping you could answer a couple of questions for me?
I heard a rumour that Los Limoneros had closed down? Is that true? Is Finca Listonero re-opened for the evenings yet? Is it still a restaurant and what is it like…have you been yet?

Finally….is there anywhere in Turre you would recommend to eat as I know a lot of places have closed? Thanks for all your help!

Well, shucks. Here’s the scoop, to the best of my knowledge:

Los Limoneros has indeed closed down. Finca Listonero, the lovely cortijo restaurant that burnt down in the fires last year, open only for (an excellent) lunch, will close at the end of the month and Matt & Carol will be moving to La Montaña above Bédar, which will be a full time restaurant. Los Pastores, in Cabrera, is currently doing a very nice 15€ menu del noche which is worth the drive for.

Places to eat in Turre? Well, the Argentine place for steak, of course; Pizza da Marco for pizza; or you could try the old Orsoca for Spanish. Pepe has it reopened as a “local” restaurant, under the name Taberna Pepe, although it’s a tad expensive. Or try Caty’s La Pará for authentic good local cooking. For people who used to enjoy Meson del Pobre (not me), Diego, after a bust-up with Tómas the owner, has moved to the old Rodrigo’s and reopened it (big UK and Spanish flags over the door). Haven’t been there yet.

Turre fiestas, for the people who have contacted me asking about it, are on the weekend of the 4th of October (1-4), in honour of their patron saint San Francisco de Asís.

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  1. I think it’s Pepe who runs the old Orsoca. (the clue is in the new name -Taberna Pepe:)

  2. Hi David,

    We are coming over to Alfaix on Friday, we have two boys who love adventures, we’ve been told to go caving at Sorbas and to the Mini Hollywood in Tabernas and Go Karting near Garuccha, is there anything else that will entertain our 10 and 13 year olds? Also we wondered if there is anything like Los Limoneros as we are staying in a private villa and think the boys will go mad without meeting up with other kids?

  3. Well, there’s the aquapark at Vera, always a fun day out, and Texas Hollywood in Tabernas is a huge resort with wild west park and zoo. So budget a day for both of those.
    The municipal pool in Los Gallardos is probably full of rough and tumble local kids, but the campsite just up the road (Miraflores restaurant) has a large pool and is free to use if you eat something there. Los Limoneros is closed now.
    Apart from that, grab a copy of the local papers and scan the ads to see what’s on!

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