What to do if the strike cancels your flight

Bearing in mind that the air traffic controllers are threatening to go on strike this month if they don’t continue to get their 200,000€ (plus bonus and overtime) a year, and as I’m flying, I thought I’d better double check my legal rights in case of cancellation due to strikes.

My flight is cancelled

I am entitled to a full refund, or a free change of flight. If I am stuck at an airport which is not near my main residence, then the company must pay for my hotel (if the next flight is overnight), food and drink. But since the strike is outside of the airlines control, I don’t have the right to indeminization for the lost flight (usually up to 600€).

My flight is delayed

If my flight is delayed for more than three hours, it is considered to be a cancellation and the above applies.

I missed my connecting flight. Who do I complain to?

The airline whose flight was delayed. If the delay was due to the strike, I am entitled to a refund on my ticket price of the missed flight / new ticket.

I have missed some hotel days due to delays / flight changes

If the change in flights means I have not been able to use nights booked at a hotel, I can ask the airline to reimburse me for the costs incurred. The same applies to prepaid for and unchangeable tickets (ie, guided tours or entry tickets).

I had booked with a travel agency

A travel agency has the same obligations as an airline in the case of delays, and it is their responsibility to sort out my compensation.

I can now fly with confidence!

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