UK releases UFO archives

The UK government has released a load of files relating to UFO investigations over the last 50 years. Riveting stuff. It’s all free to browse for a  month, then I assume you must pay, what with the UK being bankrupt and all.

Skip all the nonsense photocopies (with many big black marks all over them saying “CLASSIFIED”) and skip straight to Dr Clarke’s interesting overviews and pointers. Or buy his book from Amazon.

The files also include an account of a wartime meeting attended by Winston Churchill in which, it is claimed, the prime minister was so concerned about a reported encounter between a UFO and RAF bombers, that he ordered it be kept secret for at least 50 years to prevent “mass panic”.

According to the BBC:

Nick Pope, who used to investigate UFO sightings for the MoD, said: “The interesting thing is that most of the UFO files from that period have been destroyed.

“But what happened is that a scientist whose grandfather was one of his [Churchill’s] bodyguards, said look, Churchill and Eisenhower got together to cover up this phenomenal UFO sighting, that was witnessed by an RAF crew on their way back from a bombing raid.

“The reason apparently was because Churchill believed it would cause mass panic and it would shatter people’s religious views.”

From the BBC

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  2. truth is stranger than fiction. Winston Churchill featured in the recent Dr Who series when the Doctor went back to world war two! Probably the Tardis was spotted!

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