State investment drops by 75% in province

After having spent a delightful 20 minutes reading the National Archives UFO files (and buying Dr Clarks book, I hope it’s good) I came across this undereported gem of a report from Cajamar, which estimates that state infrastructure projects in the province have dropped by 75% so far this year. The report has been snapped up by Miguel Uribe, head of the Almeria Business Association Asempal.

Uribe has thrown the party line aside, and is loudly demanding that the State (as opposed to the Junta) steps in to guarantee that the Almanzora motorway, the AVE line and other major projects are completed on time.

He warned in a press conference this morning that the province is at the top of a slippery slope of project delays and cancellations, and said that it was his belief that if pressure was not kept up the Junta would cancel or delay project after project.

The three projects announced yesterday are, he seems to be hinting, just the start of it all.

Meanwhile, Diego Cano (head of the Chamber of Commerce) said that the Almanzora motorway was of national importance, and any delay to it’s completion was unforgiveable. He added that it appears that Rosa Cano (Junta’s head of public works, based in Seville, probably couldn’t find Albox on a map) has “no affection for our province”.

Uribe said that although it appears that Madrid is committed to the AVE, he pointed out that originally work should have started in 2005, and he would be surprised if  the first trains started much before 2017 / 2018.

Both men promised members of their organisations that they would be meeting with the Junta to demand firm answers, not just on the Almanzora motorway, but also the proposed dual carriageway to Tabernas from the A92.

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