Creamfields confirms lineup

Creamfields, southern Spain’s most important techno / dance music festival, has confirmed the final lineup of acts which will take place over next weekend (14/15 August). 32 major and minor international acts will take part.

This important dance festival takes place in Guardias Viejas, the huge beach under the castle at El Ejido. Just down the road from Chris Marshalls place (his penthouse has a great view of it if you want to rent it – some binoculars and cats thrown in at no extra cost!)

They also have some strange tent, 125m2 in size, which is air conditioned and spray misted, and is being called the Special Alhambra Tent. Details are sketchy, but it’s for the hard core dancers who just have to groove under 40ºC of heat.

About 20,000 people are expected to turn up from all over Europe and beyond.

Creamfields started in Villaricos, but local councils (including Garrucha and Mojacar) were sniffy about the idea of 20,000 long haired hippies (mainly teenagers out for a good time, and if they can afford the flight / hotel / transport to Villaricos / 65€ ticket they probably have a few extra pennies from Daddy’s wallet left to spend in local shops and bars) and closed it.

El Ejido, a slightly more go-ahead place, welcomed them with open arms and puts on extra buses, clean rooms and slightly inflated ice lollies. Still, no doubt our local mayors knew what they were doing when they kicked them out.

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