Junta delays three major road programmes

My my, it’s all about the economy today! The Junta has just announced that it is to “reprogramme the completion schedules” of three major road building projects across the province, and a further 30 across Andalucia, saving itself 817 million euros in the next financial year. The Junta has said –firmly said- that these roads are not cancelled, simply delayed, although it refuses to say when it plans to restart the works. Contracts that have Continue reading Junta delays three major road programmes

Unemployment out of control in Almeria

The latest unemployment figures for Almería are, frankly, staggering: A further 1,700 people joined the dole queue last month, bringing the total number of people claiming the dole to 74,000 in the province. However, bearing in mind the number of people not eligible for dole (ie it’s ended and they can’t find work), the latest EPA (Encuesta de la Populación Activa, Study of the Active Population) claims that 111,000 people are hunting for work in Continue reading Unemployment out of control in Almeria

Self-employed get dole rights

The Congreso de los Diputados finally approved (yesterday) the right to the self-employed (autonomo) to unemployment benefit and sick leave. This means that autonomos who have been paying into the system get the right to 70% paro, for two months of every year worked, but only if they have been paying into social security and their mutua. (The mutua is the mutual assurance company that covers you if loose a finger whilst working). It appears Continue reading Self-employed get dole rights