Albox prepares new 4 million sports complex

Albox, the corruption and scandal ridden hellhole in the centre of the Almanzora valley, which has become Britain’s poster town for urban abuse and expat ripoffs, has decided that the best way to improve the town and its image abroad is by blowing 4 million euros on a new sports complex.

The complex will house the new muncipal swimming pool, tennis courts (5), “other diverse sporting installations” [sic] and 750 meters of “commercial space” (ie, a bar). It will be built on some ground next to the new bridge, which finally opened this summer (several years late and over budget), and work on the new centre is expected to start, pending any last minute planning appeals (hah, hah) in late Sept or Oct.

The townhall is stumping up 900,000€ and the land, and a “private investment company” (grand words, but some digging around bought up rumours that the main shareholders aren’t totally, shall we say, unconnected to leading politicians in the townhall – I shall say no more publicly) is putting in the rest in exchange for a 50 year lease.

The project is expected to take 14 months to complete, and the “private investment company” hopes to make a substantial profit on the deal. Normally in these instants the projected cost is XXX€, which gets a % as a government grants, and the “cost efficiency” brings the real cost back down to a figure closer to the government %. Heh ho.

The townhall, which recently closed the municipal swimming pool for health and safety reasons, says that the project is an essential part of improving the town. Little kids through Albox, which sees temperatures of over 40ºC at this time of year, are pleased at the news that finally a swimming pool will again be provided.

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