Let’s up the speed limit

If animal rights activists can ban bullfighting in Catalunya via a popular movement, then why can’t we motorists do the same for upping the speed limit on motorways?

movimiento 140 is a citizen inspired petition trying to get enough signatures to ask the government to up the national speed limit to 140 kph (up from 120kph). They argue that as cars and roads improve, 120KPH is simply too low for modern vehicles.

I’ve signed! Have you?

And while I’m on the subject, Jim Simpson (the expat councillor) from Arboleas mentioned on his blog the website http://www.buscamultas.com which claims to search through all official state bulletins to see if your car has been fined – a useful way of finding out if there are any outstanding fines on a vehicle. No idea if it works or not.

2 Replies to “Let’s up the speed limit”

  1. If my old jalopy would go that fast, I’d be glad to sign since I believe that we ‘grown-ups’ shouldn’t be treated like children by the traffic minister (who sits in the back of his limo sipping champagne anyway).
    As it is, and until the Weenie people cough, my top speed is about 100kph.

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