Catholic law now says women priests “as sinful as child abuse”

The Catholic Church, in a clear example of why these people aren’t allowed to mix with “normal” people in our “normal” world, have just changed Canonic Law to confirm that ordaining a female priest is as sinful as child abuse. The Times said in a report that: The Roman Catholic Church elevated the ordination of women to one of the most serious crimes in Canon Law yesterday, putting it on the same level as child Continue reading Catholic law now says women priests “as sinful as child abuse”

Jon Gaunt gets into The Times

Just spotted this bit in The Times from Alexi Mostrous’s City Diary: Jon Gaunt, the talk show host, yesterday compared his right to call someone a Nazi with the struggle against Hitler: “Our forefathers fought the Nazis to protect such rights. It would be ironic if the word Nazi were to defeat us when the real Nazis couldn’t.” Correct perhaps, annoying certainly. No news on if Alexi heard this on Spectrum FM…

The Junta encourages visitors to enjoy our many tourist attraction (whilst you can)

How lovely. So, after spending umpteen millions in getting people over here (did I tell you about the flashy “I love españa” and “come to Andalucia” signs on London double decker buses I saw last week? No? I wonder how much they cost) the Junta has decided to save a few pennies by closing down tourist attractions (so there’s nothing cultural to do once the poor sods arrive). The Alcazaba in Almería will now close Continue reading The Junta encourages visitors to enjoy our many tourist attraction (whilst you can)

Mojo Picon Italian restaurant on Mojacar Playa

This is a Readers Review submitted by Britt Arenander on the Mojo Picón Italian restaurant on Mojácar Playa. I have discovered a little pearl of an Italian restaurant on Mojácar playa, unpretentious and cosy, situated on the Casa Egea stretch, more or less opposite Tito´s. It´s still called Mojo Picón, as when the chicken with mojo picón was the main attraction. Now it´s run by a friendly young Italian couple who serve really good homemade Continue reading Mojo Picon Italian restaurant on Mojacar Playa

Home demolitions – a passing fad for the public

Strange, really, to think how public interest wanes quickly. Remember the Prior demolition? Global outrage, lots of shouting, etc, etc. Lots of excitement all round. Then it went quiet. Then we started hearing news of homes about to be demolished in Albox. Lots more shouting. A protest march. Noise. Then it went quiet. News trickled out that the six homes in Albox had had their demolition orders overturned. People celebrated, without realising that this was Continue reading Home demolitions – a passing fad for the public

Ley de costas may be reformed

Congress has recently opened a discussion on whether or not to water down the harsh Ley de Costas, under which Spain nationalised it’s coasts in 1988 (but didn’t expropriate land until recently). CiU, the Catalan nationalist party, and Coalicion Canaria, the Canary Coalition, are both asking for the law to be watered down. The PSOE refuse point blank to change it, the PP are cautious about the law and agree in principle that it’s a Continue reading Ley de costas may be reformed

Blanco visits Almeria to oversee AVE work

Minister of State for Development José Blanco (known to his friends as ¡Peeepe!) together with an assortment of VIP’s and hanger-on’s, visited Almería yesterday to oversee the switching on of the tunnelling machine that is building the 7,5km tunnel from Sorbas to Barranco de los Gafarillos. The tunnel will be the longest in Andalucia once finished, and in the top 5 nationally. Rumours that they had to ask the Ministry of Defense to locate Almería Continue reading Blanco visits Almeria to oversee AVE work

Arts & Crafts in Almanzora Palace

An arts and craft fair is to be held in the Almanzora Palace on Sunday August 8th from 5.00pm to 9.00pm. The Almanzora Palace is the rambling, run down yet strangely beautiful 19th century home of the Marquess of the Almanzora, whose name I misremember. It’s just been handed over to the local townhall who are doing it up, and a local society is very active in raising funds for its upkeep. This will be Continue reading Arts & Crafts in Almanzora Palace

Gig in the parque

Don’t forget that this Sat GIG IN THE PARQUE 2010 is taking place in Vera! At 21.00 Saturday 3 July 2010 in the Recinto Ferial, Vera. Among artists performing on the night are: Pedro Flemingo, Antonio Gallardo, Andy & Nadine Highfield, Jam Factory, The Stan Roberts Quartet with Elena, Ellen Turner, Pete Thom (Pulse). Guest Artists; Laurence Burton, Bruce Cooper and Bill Pitt. Non-Stop show starting at 21.00 The event will be sign posted from Continue reading Gig in the parque