Rajoy caught without a seatbelt

In a symbolism laden video posted on his facebook page, Mariano Rajoy, leader of the opposition and head of the PP party, spoke to Spain about his hopes for the future, and his plans to save bullfighting (spot the Osborne bull in the opening credits).

The video is shot in the back seat of his limo on a dody handicam – it looks like the start of a low budget porn film- and the constant movements made me feel car sick.

Irrespective of all that nonsense, it’s worth pointing out that neither Rajoy, nor his mate, were wearing their seatbelts.  Had they been stopped, a 300€ fine apiece would have ensued. Sadly, they weren’t, despite the GC having said that they are cracking down on passengers not wearing seatbelts this summer.

In case you care, Rajoy is off to his hometown of Pontevedra (hello Colin Davies!) for a few weeks holiday. ZP has taken this opportunity to remind people that he’s only having a weekend off this summer, and will be working away in Madrid. Poor sod.

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  1. Say Hi to him for me if you run into him at a mariscaria; try and get a photo for the blog! 🙂

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