Catalunya bans bullfighting

Catalunya has taken a further step away from Spanish identity with todays decision in the local Parliament (Generalitat) to ban bullfighting.

68 regional MP’s voted YES to the motion, with 55 against and 9 abstentions. The law will come into force in 2012 and ban all organised bullfights.

The law came into being after a popular motion was carried by animal rights groups to the Generalitat, after they gathered sufficient voters signatures (180,000) to force a vote on the issue.

The two biggest parties in the Generalitat, the PsC and the CiU, both allowed their MP’s free votes on the matter. However, the PP has already announced that it is to ask the Spanish Parliament to grant bullfighting “protected historic and tourism status” which would exempt organised bullfights from the law.

Officially, this is about “animal rights”. Unofficially, everyone knows it’s about poking Madrid in the eye and saying ¡Eh! ¡madrilenys fora!

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Ah, here’s a joke:

Van en un vagón de tren una gorda, una rubia guapísima, un catalán y un madrileño.

De repente, el tren se mete en un túnel y se queda el vagón a oscuras; entonces se oye un guantazo enorme PLASSS!, el tren pasa el túnel y vuelve la luz. Los cuatro pasajeros se quedan pensando en lo que ha podido ocurrir.

La gorda piensa: “seguro que el madrileño le ha metido mano a la rubia, la rubia se ha mosqueado y le ha dado un guantazo”.

La rubia piensa: “seguro que el madrileño ha intentado meterme mano, se ha equivocado y la gorda le ha metido una hostia”.

El madrileño piensa: “seguro que el catalánle ha metido mano a la rubia, la rubia se ha equivocado y me ha dado la hostia a mi”.

El catalán piensa: “a ver si llega otro túnel y le meto otra hostia al madrileño

2 Replies to “Catalunya bans bullfighting”

  1. I am Catalan. To the believe by many that this process is an attempt by nationalist-minded Catalans to mark their difference from the rest of Spain by rejecting one of its best known traditions, I must object that this process was not at all directly iniciated by nationalist-minded Catalans. Also, that the bullfighting is indeed also a Catalan tradition. Also that the PSC (Catalan Socialist Party) in the Catalan Government is part of a State party which dictates its guidelines. I also could object that, in Catalonia, another Catalan tradition (“pig killing”) has almost disappeared, which I am very glad for, due to European norms and popular rejection. So my opinion is that conscience fortunately moves ahead, step by step, by whatever means, be them laws or the natural course of cultural evolution. At the meantime, Catalonia has other really important (economic) matters to discuss with the Spanish Government and other conflicts to be solved, so matters like the bullfighting banning are used to weaken the Catalan negociation position and make us (catalans) be seen as not less than counter-patriots which do not deserve to be treated justly in economic matters (they think we spare too much money on catalan nationalist politics when the truth is that catalan budged has been by many years unjustly short of 15.000 million Euros), and so my opinion is that the part which most interest shows to confront the population of other regions of Spain with that of Catalonia are State main Parties and specially the Popular Party (now in the opposition at the Spanish Parliament) which is known to constantly provoke and use the popular irrational rage against the “fet diferencial català” and the idea of the counter-nature, irrational and -according to many (include me)- counter-contitutional-spirit “una, grande y libre” Spain in the benefit of their election yield. When the truth is that most Catalans, including many non-nationlists, would want Spain to stop being “different” and start being different from what it is now.

  2. I think you’ve got it there, Mark – instead of being about the animals, this law has turned into an independence battle

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