Catalunya bans bullfighting

Catalunya has taken a further step away from Spanish identity with todays decision in the local Parliament (Generalitat) to ban bullfighting. 68 regional MP’s voted YES to the motion, with 55 against and 9 abstentions. The law will come into force in 2012 and ban all organised bullfights. The law came into being after a popular motion was carried by animal rights groups to the Generalitat, after they gathered sufficient voters signatures (180,000) to force Continue reading Catalunya bans bullfighting


Congratulations to my brother-in-law Antonio Cervantes, who last weekend sat his civil service exams to become  a seconday school / FP teacher, and passed out nº 1 in his form for Almería, and at nº 3 overall for Andalucía. According to Ideal, some 3,000 people in Almería province alone sat those exams. Here he is, celebrating the world cup win. He still had time in between studies to keep those muscles going! And he’s just Continue reading Congratulations!