Almeria – as clear as its water…

Transparency International, the worldwide anti-corruption organisation, in conjunction with the Fundación Ortega y Gasset, has released it’s 2009 list of the most transparent townhalls across Spain.

Almería is 3rd from the bottom, at 108 out of 109 (only Salamanca and Fuengirola are worse).

El Ejido, for some reason, comes in at nº 57.

The test involves how much municipal information is publicly available. T.I. sent the 110 biggest towns in Spain a questionnaire asking them how they publish over 80 different reports that are supposed to be publicly available; they then investigated to see how easy it was to obtain this information for a member of the public.

Almería didn’t even bother to send the questionnaire back (along with Fuengirola, Salamanca and Valencia).

Full details here:

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