La Voz rallies against AUAN and scaremongoring expats

In Monday’s La Voz, which I have just got around to persuing over a freshly baked croissant and a coffee, page 3 is given over, not to lovely Sally (21) from Essex, but to a somber reflection on “Brits take to the internet their fear of demolitions of illegal homes”.

In an politically charged piece, the paper appears to say that AUAN, the urban abuse pressure group, has issued a false press release relative to the proposed demolition of 98 homes in the Almanzora valley, and says that Brits in the area appear to be scaremongering. It singles out the website as an “anglosaxon” online newspaper which makes politically charged comments on the situation without fact checking. I hope has their paperwork up to date now that they’ve come to the unwanted attention of Those In Power.

According to the reporter, the Mayor of Albox has denied all knowledge of the 98 homes, as has the Junta, and La Voz claims that the whole press release (which they published in full late last week) was based on speculation over a court investigation and has been blown out of proportion.

While acknowledging the importance of dealing with the illegal homes, and admitting that many people are living in fear, the paper warns that the general public should take care to make a critical distinction between official news released from the Junta or courts, versus scaremongering press releases from self interested groups.

Interestingly enough, the article is illustrated by a picture of the ex-municipal secretary of Arboleas on the day the townhall was raided by police investigation allegations of corrupt planning processes in the municipality.

Frankly, I suspect that La Voz got in trouble for printing last weeks AUAN press release, and are now desperatly trying to recoup political favour by backtracking. Could be awhile before the subject is broached again…

Here’s the page (click for a full size image)

Later – interestingly enough, shortly after posting this, I received the following press release from the AUAN:

Junta includes AUAN in working party to find solution to illegal housing problem

In an informal 30 minute meeting with a delegation from AUAN, the Minister for Planning and Housing of the Junta de Andalucia, Rosa Aguilar, announced the creation in September of a working party to find and agree solutions to problems arising from the illegality of homes in the Almanzora Valley.

The working party will include representatives of the regional government, the mayors of the valley and representatives of the affected families, specifically AUAN.

AUAN is satisfied with this new development which represents one of our key demands.  We look forward to actively seeking solutions to the serious problems faced by our members in an open and transparent manner.

We encourage all those affected by this issue to register to vote to help maintain pressure on the working party to deliver results.

The meeting took place on Tuesday 20th July in Albox when the Minister attended the ceremony to mark the opening of the towns’ new bridge.

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  1. La Voz is a socialist product and lives from ‘institutional advertising’. You dont bite the hand that feeds you. num num.

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