The “Almeriacard”

Almeria townhall has come up with an interesting tourist concept – it’s launched it’s much announced “Almeriacard”, which gives the holder discounts of between 5% and 20% in shops and establishments across Almeria town.

The idea is that tourists pay either 5€ for a seven day card, or 10€ for a 15 day card, and the money is then used to promote Almería.

Residents of the city can buy a card good for one year for just 10€.

There will also be a new debit card launched, with Cajamar, which offers holders the same discounts without having to buy the “AlmeriaCard”.

It’s an interesting way to offer tourists (and residents) a little “something back”, while at the same time collecting money for further investment in promoting the city. The Mayor has said that he hopes this will be an alternate way of raising extra funds without charging every tourist a minifee, as Barcelona or the Ballearic Islands do.

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