Albox school told that it can’t force kids to wear uniform

IES García Ramos in Albox decided, after consultation with teachers and parents, to go “uniform only” next year.

In general, after a quick swing through the local forums, parents seemed to be broadly in favour of the plan, which was nothing too fancy. Smart trousers or shorts, shoes, polo shirt and appropriate gym wear.

However, Andalucia being a Socialist country where Democracy Rules and the Right of the Individual is Guaranteed under the Law and the Constitution, public schools can’t impose uniforms on the children, as the Junta reminded Albox sternly only two days after a letter to parents was issued.

The controversial word in the notice was obligatory. “We have no issues with a school uniform, but it is up to the child and his or her parents to decide if he or she should wear one” explained the Junta in a pompous release.

The school must now reissue the letter removing the word obligatory and explaining that this is a personal matter for each parent to decide on.

Once again, Pink Floyd’s warning to us all about the dangers of production line education has been heeded by our brave defenders of liberty in Seville.

The school has accepted the warning, although the director did point out to La Voz that President Griñán himself recently said he was in favour of compulsory uniforms in schools. The Junta also reminded the school that any uniform must bear the logo of the Junta de Andalucia and the appropriate ministry (why say appropriate ministry when it’s bleeding obvious it’s the Education Ministry?).

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