Catholic law now says women priests “as sinful as child abuse”

The Catholic Church, in a clear example of why these people aren’t allowed to mix with “normal” people in our “normal” world, have just changed Canonic Law to confirm that ordaining a female priest is as sinful as child abuse.

The Times said in a report that:

The Roman Catholic Church elevated the ordination of women to one of the most serious crimes in Canon Law yesterday, putting it on the same level as child abuse in the eyes of the Church.

A sweeping revision to the laws on sexual abuse of children by priests includes the “attempted ordination of a woman” to the priesthood as a “grave delict” subject that can lead to immediate excommunication at the hands of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, the disciplinary body once headed by the present Pope.

Catholic women who have illicitly become priests include the pop star Sinéad O’Connor, who was ordained by the breakaway Latin Tridentine church in 1999.

The Catholic Church says that it cannot ordain women as priests because Christ chose only men as His Apostles. However, many respected scholars argue that Mary Magdalene was an Apostle but that her role in the early Church was downgraded by male writers keen to promote an allmale priesthood.

The new “substantive norms” on “delicts against the faith” come days after the Church of England’s General Synod voted in favour of legislation to consecrate women bishops. An amendment by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York that would have created a woman-free parallel zone was backed by a majority of bishops and laity but fell because the clergy voted against it.

Hit the bastards with sex discrimination laws and bankrupt them, that’s my advice. Oh no, wait – they don’t apply to the Church in Spain!

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